Review of Breadman (Applica) Horizontal Bread Maker 2lbs AP4 TR520

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A Bread Maker is one of the most popular kitchen items in the recent market as the people are showing their interest on bread making to serve the fresh breads to the family members. The Breadman AP4 TR520 is one of the Bread Makers that has caught the huge attention of the customers who are visiting the market for the purpose of buying a Bread Maker.

Because that Amazon product was designed with so many features and special technology was used in program function of this Bread Maker. In this article, the important features of this Breadman AP4 TR520 will be described in the next part of this article.


Product Features and Description

The most special feature of this Breadman AP4 TR520 is the crust color function. Though the crust color function present in almost each model of Bread Maker but none of those can show better result than this one. This Bread Maker not only achieve the perfect crust color, it can also achieve the perfect taste for that crust color and the taste is very pleasing. Like the quality Bread Makers, this model of Breadman also has 8 different programs to prepare different food items.

The Breadman AP4 TR520 has both quick and delay timer but its quick timer program can prepare a breads in two and half hour which a bit slower than most of the Bread Makers. Though a bit of extra time is needed for this purpose, the quality, color and taste of the prepared breads are much better than the one prepared in other Bread Makers.

The auto warm function of this Bread Maker can keep the prepared breads warm up to an hour after the preparation is completed. There is a viewing window at the top this this Bread Maker which offers a clear view of the progress of bread preparation from the top. Using this Bread Maker only a loaf of 2 pound sizes can prepare. So it is the best option for the larger family.


Summary of the review of Breadman AP4 TR520

The Breadman AP4 TR520 is really a wonderful Amazon product that prepares large sized loaves of 2 pounds with perfect crust color and taste. So the people who are having a comparatively larger family can buy this product and it is expected that the people who will buy this product will be able to prepare good quality breads. And the family member will definitely be pleased with the taste and color of the prepared breads.



  • 1-hour keep-warm cycle
  • Crust color control – Light, Medium, Dark
  • Viewing window
  • 8 programs
  • cell phone spyware
  • Loaf Size 2 lbs.


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