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Hamilton Beach Home Baker 29882 Bread Maker Review – Hamilton Beach is one of the popular electronic companies in the United States and it has a good reputation for preparing the electric Bread Makers for the purpose of making bread at home. Hamilton Beach Home Baker 29882 is one of the popular models of Hamilton Beach Bread Makers and found in the recent market within a cheap price range.

Though the Bread Makers which are available within the cheap price range don’t have all the necessary features. But this Hamilton Beach Home Baker 29882 is such a Bread Maker that is being designed and manufactured with all the necessary features. In the next part of this review, the features which make this Amazon product so much popular will be mentioned.


Product Features and Description

The Hamilton Beach Home Baker 29882 is a such a Bread Maker that can prepare a loaf in an automatic way. No manual operations are need not be done except the adding of the necessary ingredients. This Bread Maker will automatically mix up all the necessary ingredients properly and after that it will automatically start its baking function.

The breads are to be prepared using this Bread Maker in three following steps, addition of ingredients, selection of baking cycle and then pressing the start button. In the Hamilton Beach Home Baker 29882, there are 12 baking cycles which are needed for preparing the food items other than breads like pizzas, jam, cake etc. The auto warm function of this Bread Maker can keep a bread warm up to an hour after preparation and the prepared breads remains fresh in open condition up to 12 hours without the use of any kind of preservatives.

So all the nutritional properties of the prepared breads remain present in the breads all day long. For this reason, the people who love to take some pieces of breads all day long should prepare the breads using this Bread Maker. The other food items can be prepared easily by following the recipe provided with this model of Hamilton Beach. In this Bread Maker, nonstick baking pans and kneading blades are used which can be cleaned easily within a short time using the dishwasher.


Summary of the review of Hamilton Beach Home Baker 29882

In the end it can be said that, the people who are looking for a quality Bread Maker within a very cheap price range, no Bread Makers other than the Hamilton Beach Home Baker 29882 would be able to provide better services. So it is suggested to the people to buy this product from the market and get good service for many years.



  • 3 easy steps – Add ingredients, select cycle, start
  • Prepare healthy whole-grain bread – control the nutritional content of your bread
  • Homemade bread without preservatives or trans fat
  • Recipes included: gluten-free to French bread
  • 12 cycles including jam and cake


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