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Kenmore Bread Maker with LCD Display Review – The Kenmore Bread Maker is one of those Bread Makers which becomes the first choice of the buyers at the time of choosing a Bread Maker of Kenmore. This wonderful Amazon product can provide full comfort to its user at the time of using it. Not only that, this Bread Maker is being designed with a number of amazing features which make this product so much appealing to the customers. In this review, some of the most important features will be highlighted along with a short description about this Kenmore Bread Maker to inform the people about the facts about its huge popularity.


Product features with description

The main feature of this Kenmore Bread Maker is the presence of top quality LCD display at the top of the Bread Maker. This display is unique compared to the display of other Bread Makers in the market. Another special feature of this Bread Maker is the presence of additional heater which allows this Bread Maker to prepare the loaf with a perfect brown crust. Not only that this Bread Maker allows its user to prepare a loaf of maximum 2 pound size and the shape of the breads will be the traditional rectangular shape.

In this Bread Maker, there is a presence of dual kneading blades which is helpful in mixing the necessary ingredients quickly and perfectly. Like all the Bread Makers, this Bread Maker of Kenmore also has a feature of quick baking function and using the quick baking function a person can prepare a fresh loaf within an hour. And in the delay baking mode, this Bread Maker takes about 13 hours. The auto warm function can keep the prepared breads warm up to an hour after the completion of preparation.

User friendly control panel is being set up in the function menu and it makes the process to operate this Kenmore Bread Maker much easier. The crust setting option of this Bread Maker allows its user to prepare breads of three different crust color and like all other Kenmore Bread Makers, there are 10 pre-programed settings to prepare different food items.


Summary of the review of Kenmore Bread Maker

At the end of this review of the Kenmore Bread Maker it is quite clear that choosing this Bread Maker might be the perfect solution if anyone is looking for a top quality Bread Maker. It will not only provide comfort during the bread preparation, rather it will allow a person to prepare breads with good taste. And the taste of the prepared breads will definitely please everyone.



  • Pre programmed baking time
  • choose the loft size you want
  • light, medium or dark crust
  • bake bread in an hour
  • keeps bread warm after baking


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