Review of Oster 5838 58-Minute Expressbake bread maker


A Bread Machine is one of a most necessary kitchen item for the preparation of breads or other similar type of food item. Using a Bread Machine, it is possible to the prepare a bread within a very short time perfectly and the Oster 5838 Bread Machine is one those Bread Machine which offers its user to prepare a fresh bread within 58 minutes.

That this, this wonderful Bread Machine of Oster allows a person to prepare a bread in the shortest possible time. This is not only the feature of this wonderful Bread Machine, in addition to that there are a number of features which has made this Oster 5838 Bread Machine so much popular to the people. In the next part of this article, those features will be mentioned.


Product features with description

As it was mentioned in the earlier part that the Oster 5838 Bread Machine can bake a bread in less than an hour i.e. 58 minutes and the breads of 2 pounds can be prepared in well manner within this time. Comparing with the other Bread Machines, this Bread Machine is having the only disadvantage that this the bread of only 2 pounds of size can be prepared using this one.

The control panel of this Bread Machine is designed in a user friendly way to make it much more appealing to the people. This Bread Machine is not only having the fast baking function, it is also having the delay baking function to complete baking in 13 hours. The auto warm function of this Oster 5838 Bread Machine can keep a bread warm and perfectly fresh up to an hour after the completion of preparation.

For preparing different food items there are 8 different programmable settings with the crust setting function. The crust setting function is needed to attain the perfect crust color on the body of the bread. The bread baking pans and kneading blades are manufactured with nonstick aluminum element which can absorb much amount of heat and comparatively easier to clean.


Summary of the review of Oster 5838 Bread Machine

From the first two parts of this review it is quite clear that, the Oster 5838 Bread Machine is a popular Bread Machine in the market and is having a number of excellent features. So it is suggested to the interested people to go for choosing this model of Oster for getting better services.



  • Bread machine bakes up to a 2-pound horizontal loaf in under an hour
  • User-friendly control panel; 13-hour delay bake; 1-hour keep warm
  • 8 settings for making a variety of breads, dough, and jams
  • Nonstick aluminum bread pan and kneading paddle included
  • Measures 11-1/2 by 14-3/4 by 11 inches; 1-year limited warranty


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