Review of Panasonic SD-RD250 Bread Maker with Automatic Fruit & Nut Dispenser

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The Panasonic SD-RD250 is another popular model of Panasonic Bread Maker and it is being designed with the latest technology to make is much more special to the buyers. In the recent market, this model of Panasonic Bread Maker has a huge demand and for this reason the manufacturer company is also manufacturing this particular model at a higher rate than the other models.

In this model, there are some features which will only be found in this Bread Maker and this makes the buyers to think about this model at the time of buying. Actually people always want something different from the traditional style. In this review, the main features will be highlighted and viewers will be given a clear concept about this Panasonic SD-RD250.


Product Features and Description

The Panasonic SD-RD250 is a micro-processor controlled Bread Maker and all the functions are controlled by that micro-processor, even for baking purposes. To run this Bread Maker, electric power of 120 AC with 60 Hz is required. This Bread Maker can prepare breads to two different sizes, one is medium and the other is large. In the function menu, for preparing a bread of medium size, M option has to be selected and in case of large size, there is an L switch at the top of function menu.

In the Panasonic SD-RD250, there is a special type of fruit and nut dispenser which function is to add the required amount of fruits and nuts to the preparing bread or cake. In a loaf of 2 pounds, fruits or nuts of 150gm were suggested as at that time the bread or cake gets the proper flavor. To make the cleaning process easier, diamond fluorine and non stick coated bread making pan is used which are much easier to clean than the baking pan of traditional Bread Makers.

Not only that, this Bread Maker is designed with prefect professional skills and for this reason no viewing window is present at the top or front side of this Bread Maker. And for this reason, the heats are reflected back again and complete the preparation process in a much quicker time. For this reason, the crust color of the prepared breads becomes wonderful.


Summary of the review of Panasonic SD-RD250

So the people who are looking to buy a top quality Bread Maker for medium or large sized family and within affordable price range, the Panasonic SD-RD250 would be the perfect option for them.



  • Power 120AC, 60Hz
  • Microprocessor controlled for even baking
  • Special dispenser for addition of Fruit or nuts for even mixing in the baking process
  • Diamond fluorine non-stick coated pan for easy clean-up
  • 5 Baking modes for 2 different loaf sizes (M, XL)
  • Large LCD readout, measures 11 1/8-inch (Width) by 12 13/16-inch (Length) by 14 9/16-inch (Height), 15-pound


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