Secrets to Songwriting: The Theme

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At the very core of every song is a theme. It may seem too general and too vague to pay attention to, but the theme is actually what holds a song together. Finding a good theme is just as good as finding inspiration for song writers. Ideas for a song’s theme can be found anywhere and everywhere; and once a song writer gets an idea for something to write about, inspiration will follow.

Secrets to Songwriting

Coming up with a good theme is very important when writing a song. It acts as the song’s framework that keeps the melody, lyrics, arrangement, and instrumentations together. A good theme is something that can reach not only the people who know and understand where the song writer is coming from, it should also be able to touch the target audience – most of which are complete strangers. Just like any other work of art, a song without a clear theme is not relatable and listeners won’t be able to identify with it.

The trick to coming up with a great theme for a song is to keep it universal. The more people understand the theme, the more relatable it will be. It doesn’t matter if one is writing a very personal song about a particular person or situation; as long as the theme is something that the general public would understand, it would still be easy for them to identify with the song.

The best song themes all have something to do with what makes us human. Songs have been written about the same themes over and over again, and yet they are all unique in their own way. Be it about love, family, friendship, pain, sacrifice, spirituality, or patriotism, a song theme never gets old as long as the song writer comes up with a fresh approach in developing the theme into a masterpiece.

It’s easier for most song writers to find themes in their own lives, but when the well of inspiration has already dried out, it doesn’t mean that there are no more songs to be written. In this case, the best thing to do is to look outside oneself and find a theme and inspiration from a distance. It could be from another person’s life or it could be from unlikely places such as TV shows and headline news. The key is to find the theme that drives the story and use that as a baseline for the song.

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