Simplifying Songwriting: How to Write Songs More Efficiently

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Simplifying SongwritingSimplifying Songwriting: How to Write Songs More Efficiently – Writing songs is similar to any writing project in a sense that they take time to complete and the end result may or may not be good enough for their target audience. There are many cases when a song writer gets enough inspiration to write a hit song in a matter of hours; however, this does not happen all the time.

The key to becoming a good song writer is to use their time as efficiently as they can in order to come up with as many songs that they are able to without sacrificing quality. Here are some tips on how to be a more efficient song writer:

  • Organize your writing space – You should make sure that your work space is organized even before you begin writing. If you are using computers, instruments, and other equipment to write your songs, make sure that they are not scattered all over your studio so that you can easily find what you need when you need them. Also, keep your computer files organized in folders to ensure easier access. For lyricists, making sure your writing desk is free of clutter is also a good way to start your writing task.
  • Create a list of song ideas ahead of time – Many song writers spend too much time thinking about what to write when they should already be writing. In order to make things simpler. Take some time to come up with a list of song ideas that would come in handy when your creative muse is nowhere to be found. The list could contain song titles, themes, or if you’re feeling inspired, outlines of how the song should flow when you start writing them.
  • Start where you are most comfortable with – There is no absolute formula for songwriting. You can start from the first verse and work your way through to the end of the song or you can come up with a chorus and build the rest of the song from there. Other composers start with a melody while others work on the words first. Whatever you are comfortable with is fine as long as you are able to complete the song in a timely manner.

Writing songs isn’t a sure thing. Some songs become hits, while some end up being rejected by the artists and record producers that one is writing for. By writing in a faster, more efficient manner, the odds that you would be writing the next big hit become greater.

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