Review of The Artisan Bread Machine: 250 Recipes for Breads, Rolls, Flatbreads and Pizzas

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Bread machine books are one of the most common products found in both the market and the internet. Because a huge number of people are using bread machines nowadays. And the people who are using the bread machines want to use it for different purpose, that is for making a number of bread recipes other than the traditional bread items.

For making these recipes, the help of one of the bread machine books is necessary. At present there are a few bread machine books which are very popular and “The Artisan Bread Machine” is one of the bread machine books, which is very popular and about 25 recipes are present in it. In the next part of this review, a brief discussion will be made on the information of the “The Artisan Bread Machine” with a few popular recipes.


Important information about the book

The famous “The Artisan Bread Machine” is written by one of the famous food writer in the United States and she is Judith Fertig. She is one of the best selling author and considered as an expert in recipe development. She has already written a number of books and among all those books, the mentioned book at the beginning of this part has a got a special popularity with the people.

She has written this book based on the research on the food network in the United States. She lives in the Kansas city of Missouri. In this book, she has written on about 250 recipes and main criteria of all the reviews are breads, flat-breads, rolls and different types of pizzas. The guidelines of the “The Artisan Bread Machine” so much easier to understand and do as an amateur cook can prepare those recipes just following the instructions properly.

That is the specially of this book. Some of the main recipes that can be prepared following the instructions of this book is the classic white bread, brioche buns, Acadian buckwheat bread, cinnamon apple bread , dish pizza and olive bread. Not only that there are also a few recipes which are gluten free. So a person can prepare the recipes he/she likes within a short time just following the instructions of this book.


Conclusion of the book

In the last part of the review on “The Artisan Bread Machine” it is clearly understood that, the instructions and guidelines of this book are really helpful for preparing a number of recipes of awesome taste.


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