Victorinox 47547 10-1/4-Inch Wavy Bread Knife, Black Fibrox Handle Review


Victorinox 47547 10-1/4-Inch Wavy Bread Knife, Black Fibrox Handle Review – In the recent market, bread knives of different models are available in the market and there is a huge demand of the bread knives in the market. Because a number of people are showing their interest in preparing different homemade breads and cakes and for slicing the prepared breads of cakes, a bread knife is the most essential kitchen item.

A bread knife can slice a bread perfectly and can ensure a perfect and smooth surface of the sliced piece. The Victorinox 47547 Bread Knife is one of the models of bread knife which is very much popular in the markets in the United States. In this review, the focus will be given to the features of this Amazon product.


Product Features and Description

The Victorinox 47547 Bread Knife is available in the market with a black color Fibrox handle. The length of the blade of this knife is about 10 ¼ inches and this length size of the blade is perfect for cutting the breads of any sizes. This bread knife has a wavy like structure in the lower part which allows the better slicing of the breads.

The blade of this bread knife is manufactured with stainless steel containing high carbon inside. For this reason, the blade is ice-tempered and can provide maximum sharpness during slicing. The blade of the Victorinox 47547 Bread Knife is not needed for further sharpening as this bread knife can provide quality service over the years.

The Fibrox handle of this knife is very much useful and protective against any type of slipping. Because the handle can grip with the hand so well. This bread knife can be cleaned easily and the manufacturer company offers a lifetime warranty of any kind of damage such as rusting. The main manufacturer company of this product is in Switzerland, but nowadays one of the branch of this company is manufacturing this product in the U.S.A.


Conclusion of the review

The Victorinox 47547 Bread Knife is really a wonderful bread knife which makes the slicing task so much easier and comfortable for a person. Any person who wants to get a bread knife with a lifetime warranty with quality service should go for this model of a bread knife.


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